20 February 2015

Jacquie's Appeal for Support

DONATE ONLINE NOW - CALL O1442 890222 - TEXT HOME37 £10 TO 70070
•£10 would pay for 2 boxes of needles for syringes providing symptom relief for patients
•£20 would fund a hour of specialist nursing care
•£50 could pay for a family support session for a bereaved child helping them to come to terms with the loss of a loved one
•£100 could buy 5 blood pressure cuffs to enable our nurses to highlight and reduce risks to a patient's well-being

This year we reach a milestone of providing 30 years of care for patients and families in Herts and Bucks and to mark this significant point in our history we are sharing stories from patients, carers and supporters who have been touched by our service over the years.

Jacquie Campbell was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago in a shocking turn of events for her family. After her diagnosis, Jacquie was referred to Rennie Grove Hospice Care and experienced first-hand the huge difference that the Rennie Grove nursing service can make. In sharing her experiences Jacquie hopes to inspire others to support the work of Rennie Grove in a heartfelt fundraising appeal.

Jacquie writes: "I was 49 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What started out as firmness in my left breast – not even a lump – turned out to be an aggressive, malignant tumour leaving my family and me stunned. The cancer grew fast and had already spread to the lymph nodes under my arm so I had immediate surgery. After a recovery period, I began chemotherapy. My particular tumour was what’s known as ‘Triple Negative’ – which means that it’s resistant to hormonal drugs used to stop cancer returning after treatment. So I was given what my doctor called ‘industrial strength’ chemotherapy, followed by daily radiotherapy.

"Breast cancer treatment has changed greatly over the past few years but back then I was referred to Rennie Grove just before I started my chemo. My hospice at home nurse, Liz, worked with the district nursing team and GPs, to put together a co-ordinated package of care. They made sure everything I needed was ready at home before my chemo started and organised access to counselling for my teenage son and husband. Rennie Grove gave me people to talk to who weren’t close friends or family which helps as the people who love you can find the whole experience difficult and frightening themselves. No matter how positive and optimistic I tried to be, I still had difficult moments when I needed to talk honestly to someone who wasn’t close. The Rennie Grove team allowed me to do this and it was a huge relief to let out my innermost fears and feelings.

"Since then, we’ve moved to a different area and are very happy there. I feel fit and well, and have a new job that I love. Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and despite surgery it has now returned, so life has once more been turned upside down by this horrible disease. It has reminded me how fantastic the Rennie Grove service was for me and how important it is to continue to support them to make sure this great care stays available for others who may need it at the end of their lives.

"As Rennie Grove Hospice Care marks its 30th year of providing care to patients and families across Herts and Bucks, the demand for its services is ever-growing. With an increasing number of people needing the kind of care that I was lucky enough to receive, it’s so important that everyone protects this precious local service. 2015 will be a demanding year for the wonderful nurses at Rennie Grove and so I feel more strongly than ever about the need to support them so they can help other patients and their families who are potentially facing the end of their lives."

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