23 February 2015

Help Rennie Grove raise more with Gift Aid

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is encouraging people who donate items to their charity shops to sign up to Gift Aid to help raise more money.

If you pay UK tax your donations are worth more to Rennie Grove if you Gift Aid your contribution. It means that for every £1 raised when your items are sold, the charity receives a further 25p from HMRC.

Deborah Gould, Head of Retail and Trading, explains: "Most people are aware that Gift Aid applies to monetary donations but not everyone realises that charities can also claim it on the money raised from donated items.

"All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid form at one of our shops. You will then be given a card with a unique number on it. Every time you make a donation if you show this card Rennie Grove will be able to claim Gift Aid.

"The charity will also be able to send you information telling you how much your donations have helped raise. We were among the first hospice charities to introduce this system and it adds a further £75,000 to our shop income each year."

Gift Aid is unique to each different charity, but the same number can be used in all of the Rennie Grove shops operating under the names of either Iain Rennie Hospice at Home or Grove House.

For further details please visit your local Rennie Grove charity shop or email shops@renniegrove.org.