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Religious Organisations

As a local charity caring for local people and families facing difficult times, many religious organisations are pleased to support our work. If you’re a member of a religious group that is looking for a local cause to support, we’d like to encourage you to choose us. Here are some suggestions of how we can work in partnership:

Ambassador Talks

Our volunteer Ambassadors raise public awareness of our work by speaking to groups, clubs, schools, companies and other local organisations. Confident public speakers with an in-depth knowledge of the charity, our Ambassadors are very happy to attend meetings or present speeches to groups of any size. 

If you have a diary slot to fill and think your members would like to hear about this service in the heart of your community - or if you are considering a Charity of the Year relationship - then our Ambassadors can provide an introductory talk to help you make an informed decision.

Lent Lunches

During Lent, many churches organise a weekly lunch where parishioners get together to share a meal and donate the cost to charity. We would love you to consider Rennie Grove as your chosen charity next year, and we could arrange for one of our ambassadors to come along and tell you more about us. 

Our Easter and Christmas knitting initiatives

Get involved with our Easter and Christmas knitting initiatives. If you enjoy knitting, why not get out your needles and knit stockings, mittens, chicks or bunnies? Once finished, you could sell them to friends and family or through your religious organisation. The ​​Easter patterns are available to download here


If you're able to support us with a donation from a one-off fundraising activity, this would be much-appreciated.

We would love to hear from you and talk about how your organisation could get involved. Please contact the Community Fundraising Team to find out more information using the contact details below.