What Our Volunteers Say

Mark's Story

Mark Green - Event Marshall

How long have you been volunteering with us?

I first got involved last autumn, just after I moved to the area.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

My main motivation was to meet people!

What does your role involve?

I work full time so I can’t dedicate a weekday on a regular basis, but I help out with three or four events a year. I’ve marshalled at the Herts 10K; the Jingle Bell Jog; the Ladies Driving Challenge and the Midnight Walk. That one is great fun: I definitely recommend it and I know we need more help each year to make sure it’s safe but also a great atmosphere for the walkers.

And what do you enjoy most?

For me it really is the social aspect: I’ve met such a great bunch of people, all of whom are motivated by supporting a fantastic local cause. I’m starting to recognise the regulars now! Some people take part one year and then marshall the next… but I think I’ll just stick to marshalling!