How Your Money Helps

We receive ​around 13% of our running costs from the NHS – less than half the national average given to UK hospices. This means we rely heavily on the generosity of people like you to fund the remaining 87%.

We put your donation to work wherever the need is greatest. Here are some examples of how your support could help…


Could buy stethoscopes for two of our specialist nurses so that they can assess patients and treat symptoms as soon as they appear.


Could pay for an hour of specialist nursing care in a patient's home or a health assessment for a patient in our Day Hospice, giving patients choice about how and where they receive care.


Could fund a consultation in our Nurse Clinic at Grove House offering personalised advice and symptom management and signposting to other services.


Could fund the cost of a first assessment visit to a hospice at home patient to understand their needs and wishes and draw up a personal care plan.


Could fund two Family Support Sessions for a bereaved child enabling us to offer them support when they need it most. 


Could cover a standard shift for one specialist Hospice at Home nurse, visiting patients in their own homes to ensure that families feel supported and patients' symptoms can be brought under control.


Could fund the cost of a series of six one-to-one counselling sessions with a Family Support Services counsellor, helping families to cope with illness and bereavement.


Could fund the cost of the night team for one night enabling them to visit patients in distress in their own homes throughout the night, helping avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.


Could buy a syringe pump - a piece of specialist medical equipment used by our Hospice at Home nurses to help make patients' final days more comfortable. They are a vital part of giving terminally-ill patients the choice to be cared for at home, if that is their wish.


Could fund the cost of providing nutritious meals for Day Hospice patients for a month, helping ensure they receive essential nutrition to support their well-being.


Could cover the annual costs of running bereavement support groups for the families of our patients in Herts and Bucks, ensuring that they continue to receive the support they need after bereavement.


Could fund a specialist hospice at home nurse for a year, giving patients the choice to be cared for in their own homes, surrounded by their families and friends.