24 March 2016

Nurses’ ongoing studies benefit patients

HandsNurses and clinicians at Rennie Grove Hospice Care have added to their skillset by gaining new qualifications in fields related to community nursing and palliative care.   

Five clinical members of the charity’s workforce have successfully completed modules at local universities in subjects ranging from mentorship to clinical audit.  Rennie Grove’s Education Lead, Jo Oates explains: “Rennie Grove strives for excellence in the care it provides to patients and their families and to achieve this it’s important that our nurses keep up-to-date with the latest developments in this field and have a good grasp of the theory that underpins best practice.”

Two of the charity’s Hospice at Home nurses have completed Mentorship programmes at Bucks New University.  “This is a role requirement for our more senior nurses and something we are asking band 5 nurses to consider too.  The qualification enables them to mentor student nurses and sign off the work they do whilst they are on their placement with us.  Being able to accept student nurses from Beds, Bucks and Herts universities is a vital part of raising awareness of and disseminating best practice in palliative and hospice at home care.  Not only does it increase the likelihood of nurses choosing to work in this often overlooked field, but it also means they will be able to take back their learning to other healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.  Our nurses who undertake this module find they are well-placed to support our own new recruits too.”

Other nurses learnt the latest on symptom management, read extensively the most recent research in palliative nursing and explored the ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care in modules that see them working towards a degree or Masters qualification.

Jo added: “Investing in our nurses means they are the best equipped they can be to provide the best possible care for our patients.  We require our most senior nurses to have a nursing degree so supporting our clinical staff to complete these modules towards that goal means we can develop our workforce and offer internal promotions.  At a time when a national shortage of nurses is creating a challenging environment for healthcare in all settings, it’s an investment we must make in order to safeguard the charity’s future and our patients’ care.”  

Rennie Grove clinicians achieved the following:

  • Senior Hospice at Home nurse with the Wycombe team, Raelene Boots achieved her Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care Nursing at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Hospice at Home nurse with Team Herts, Shelly McPhee completed her End-of-Life Care module at Buckinghamshire New University.
  • Clinical Audit Lead, Heather Ballard achieved her Advanced Clinical Audit Qualification
Clinical Nurse Specialist with the Wycombe Hospice at Home nursing team, Catherine Hull gained her Mentorship qualification at Buckinghamshire New University along with Jenny Roberts, Hospice at Home nurse on team Herts.