29 July 2016

Daily challenge for hospice charity

Rennie Grove Hospice Care helps thousands of local families affected by cancer and17,000 a day other life-limiting illness each year.  Through its 24/7 responsive hospice at home service, support services for all the family and access to a range of day services at Grove House, the charity gives people the choice to remain at home for as long as possible, surrounded by the people and things they know and love. 

Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Gillian Barnett, explained: “All our services aim to eliminate the distress of unnecessary hospital admissions and support patients to achieve a good quality of life despite their condition.”

In order to achieve this, Rennie Grove must raise more than £17,000 every single day.  Gillian added: “We receive 16% of the costs of our care from the NHS, but the remaining 84% is generated by the generous contributions of people living in our local community.”

Through its 24 shops, fundraising events, donations, raffles and the Hospice Lottery Partnership, gifts in Wills, grant-making Trusts and corporate support, the charity needs to maintain the rate at which it raises funds throughout the year, so as to keep pace with rising demand for its service.

“Our nurses make around 20,000 visits each year to patients’ homes but this is a figure we expect to increase as more people are referred to our service,” said Gillian.

The combination of an ageing population and advances in treatment means that more people are living longer, often with multiple conditions and complex healthcare needs.  “It’s not just the number of nursing visits that will increase,” admitted Gillian, “but also the complexity of the care our nurses will need to provide.”

This means that although Rennie Grove already needs to raise £17,721 every day, the reality is that it will need to raise even more in the future to reach the growing number of people in need of its unique service.

To find out more about Rennie Grove’s work and how you can help, visit www.renniegrove.org