04 October 2016

Green Ribbon Lunch Club

The ladies of the Green Ribbon Lunch Club met for their monthly get together andJean Hutton (second from right) with Renei Grove CEO Jenny Provin (far right) annual cheque presentation to Rennie Grove’s Chief Executive at The Noke hotel last month.  Jean Hutton from St Albans has been organising the lunches for more than two decades, with attendees contributing generously to Rennie Grove Hospice Care. 

As of this year, the cumulative total stands at an incredible £90,000.  Jean explained why the lunches seemed an appropriate way to remember her late husband and support a local charity: “Matt’s favourite thing to do was eat and drink – and he was a tremendous giver to charity.  He used to give 15% of his wages every year to charity without telling anybody. I couldn’t afford to do that, so I started holding these lunches instead.”

Each month, Jean makes the lunch something special by finding a motivational speaker to provide attendees with an inspirational message.