10 November 2016

Natwest Test Out Charity Challenge

Four teams from the St Albans branch of Natwest are leading the way on a brand newcorporate challenge day group fundraising challenge for Rennie Grove Hospice Care. 

Designed specifically with companies in mind, the charity’s Corporate Challenge pits teams of four in a battle of wits and entrepreneurial zeal. Teams win points for achievements ranging from securing a retweet or Facebook ‘like’ to 10 points for signing up an event participant and a huge 450 points for arranging a new Charity of the Year partnership with another company.

The scheme is the brainchild of Kate Grigg, Head of Fundraising in Herts, who is delighted that Natwest were keen to pilot the project on November 2.  “The challenge reflects many of the different ways in which we aim to raise funds for and awareness of our service,” she explained.  “The teams are essentially seconded to us for a day, working hard to increase our profile and generate income.  But with that should come a great sense of team spirit and satisfaction.  Using feedback from the Natwest teams, we’d like to roll out the challenge across our catchment in the New Year.”

Over a 9:30am breakfast briefing at Grove House, each team was provided with a toolkit comprising t-shirts, leaflets, selfie frame, collection tins, money boxes and authorisation letter, before setting out into the city to get to work.

“Each team went for a different approach,” added Kate.  “Some opted to travel further afield to different shops and supermarkets; others chose to go back to the office and get on the phones.  Everyone returned with a great range of different items – from big boxes of prizes, to a list of gifts, to buckets of cash – they did brilliantly!”

Rob Storey, Natwest Relationship Director said: “It’s amazing how generous people are; as soon as you explain what you’re doing and what the Rennie Grove cause is, they’re happy to donate all kinds of things. Some of us got given various kinds of sports equipment, some people gave wine tasting courses, football match tickets, and food hampers…so many different things.  It was fun to start the day figuring out a plan and then seeing where it took us. One of our teams decided to get on the phones and go for donations to gain points, some went to Twitter to persuade celebrities to Tweet, and they managed to get Pixie Lott so they didn’t do too badly!”

In total, the three teams pulled together to raise over £2000 in donations, over £2,500 in gifts that can be used in our shops and at our events, an estimated £900 in donations from the collection tins they placed in various businesses across St Albans, and 24 hours of volunteering for Rennie Grove.

With each team deserving a thousand thanks for their unprecedented efforts, one team came out on top as a clear winner with a hefty margin of votes: calling themselves The Rennie Firecrackers, they truly embraced the opportunity and smashed expectations out of the park.

For more details about how your company could work with Rennie Grove, please call Kate on 01727 7311016  or email corporate@renniegrove.org