11 November 2016

Gifts that Care

Rennie Grove has extended its range of Caring Gifts, offering vouchers from £5 to £150 in value and providing people with a perfect last-minute present solution thanks to a new digital format. 

The charity has found that its Caring Gifts prove popular for people purchasing presents for friends and family members who fall into the ‘already-have-everything-they-need’ category.  The range of vouchers represent various services provided by the charity’s clinicians, for example, £10 could buy two boxes of needles for syringe pumps, essential pain-relieving equipment that can enable a patient to spend their final days at home.  £50 could fund a support session for bereaved family members and £150 could pay for an entire nursing shift, ensuring patients have access to specialist care in their own home at any time of the day or night.  The full range of vouchers is available at www.renniegrove.org/caringgifts

Well-known TV and film actor, Geoffrey Palmer OBE, who is also a Rennie Grove Patron and long-standing supporter of the charity, purchases Caring Gifts every year.

Geoffrey says: “Caring Gifts are just the thing for those times when you want to give someone a lovely present but you don’t want to give them something that they don’t really want or need (which can often happen). Every Christmas I buy Rennie Grove Caring Gift Vouchers for my family and friends because it feels like I’m giving them something really worthwhile. They are such a good idea and would make great gifts at any time of the year for birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings. I’ll certainly be buying mine again this year and I hope that many others will join me.”

Rennie Grove Director of Fundraising & Marketing Gillian Barnett adds: “Our range of Caring Gift vouchers were particularly popular at Christmas time and we realised we were missing a trick in only offering them by post.  Now you can request an e-voucher to be emailed to you or directly to your chosen recipient so it really is a feasible last-minute option if you’re stuck for ideas or running out of time, whatever the occasion.”

Visit www.renniegrove.org/caringgifts to order right up to Wednesday 21 December (email option only – December 2 for post).