08 March 2017

Desperately Seeking Sam

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is following up a letter to its supporters with a digitalnurse Sam with Patient campaign to raise further awareness and funds.  The charity’s  ‘Desperately Seeking Sam’ campaign features a 2-minute film on its Facebook page and other social media channels, urging people to help fund another Hospice at Home nurse so Rennie Grove can meet rising demand for its 24/7 service in patients’ homes and eliminate patient waiting lists.   

Sue Varvel, Director of Nursing & Clinical Services, explains: “We hope the video will reach a wider audience and help to explain visually our desperate need for another nurse.  It illustrates the work of our Hospice at Home nurses and highlights the difference they can make to the lives of local patients and their families.”

Sue continues: “ ‘Sam’ represents the sort of nurse who would make an excellent Rennie Grove employee.  He or she will not only be a highly skilled palliative care nurse but would also have extra qualities that set her or him apart as a Rennie Grove nurse: a kind-hearted, empathic but practical person who goes the extra mile to ensure patients have the best possible quality of life up until and during their final days.”

The video includes a brief interview with David Beck, who also features in the written letter to supporters.  David’s wife, Linda, was referred to Rennie Grove when her cancer became terminal.  David remembers how important it was to both of them that Linda could die at home – and how indispensable the nurses were in enabling this to happen.  David’s part in the video reiterates how important the Rennie Grove nurses are to the patients and families that need them.  He says:

“They went the extra mile and more, always.  It wouldn’t matter what time of the day or night it was, 24 hours a day.  If I phoned Rennie Grove, they came out and saw us and looked after Linda.  There was no circumstance where they could have done any more than they did.  They were amazing.”

Please help Rennie Grove continue to provide specialist, personalised care in the heart of your community in any way you can: watch the film, spread the word via social media and donate whatever you can afford.  Sue concludes: “You’ll be helping us eliminate patient waiting lists in Herts and Bucks and ensure more patients can stay at home surrounded by their families.  Thank you.”

Donate and help Rennie Grove find their Sam at www.renniegrove.org/desperatelyseekingsam and use the hashtag #desperatelyseekingsam to join the conversation on social media.

To view the video visit: https://youtu.be/_0rYkdz2lK8