24 May 2017

Local writer’s insight helps fund hospice care

Local legend Tom McNab is bringing his unique insight into George Orwell’s life andOrwell on Jura works to St Albans with a rehearsed play reading of his own work: Orwell on Jura

Directed by Michael Vaughan and performed by a professional cast at Trestle Arts Base on Sunday June 4 at 7.15pm, all proceeds from the event will go towards the specialist care and family support provided by Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Tom’s acclaimed script focuses on Orwell’s self-enforced exile to the remote Scottish island of Jura in 1947.  Plagued by sickness but determined to write his final novel – the iconic 1984 - Orwell is liberated by the isolated location from the distractions of his literary success and the demands of journalism.

As a young man Tom read all of Orwell’s novels and with years of experience as a successful author and playwright he is well placed to provide this interesting perspective on the renowned novelist and social critic.  In Orwell on Jura he gives a delightful, intimate portrait of the great man, as if he has known him for many years. He conveys Orwell’s struggle to finish 1984, features his ghostly friends, explores life on the island itself and captures the writer’s wry humour and perceptive wit.

With 1984 back in the lists of top-selling titles in the UK and US, where the prediction of a society ruled by ‘Big Brother’ and ‘alternative facts’ remains frighteningly relevant today, this is a timely opportunity to understand more about Orwell’s motivation for his timeless novel.

Tickets for Orwell on Jura, priced £12, are available from www.renniegrove.org or 01727 731028.  Talk to Tom on 01727 836568 to find out more.