11 July 2017

Ready to take the plunge with sponsored skinnydip?

Rennie Grove Hospice Care supporters are being urged to ‘grin and bare it’ and striprennie bear skinny dip bare to care off for a charity fundraiser.

As part of ‘The Great British Skinny Dip’ on Saturday 2 September, Rennie Grove has teamed up again with Diogenes Sun Club and is asking if you ‘Dare to Bare for Hospice Care?’ All proceeds will go towards Rennie Grove’s vital services across Herts and Bucks.

Rennie Grove’s own Susan Lewis challenged herself to take part last year and urges others to take the plunge this time round, saying the experience was “liberating, emotional and great fun”.

The event takes place for the second year running at the naturist club’s outdoor pool set in secluded grounds in the Chiltern Hills.  Staff are on hand to offer help, support and encouragement – and tea and cake afterwards.

Rennie Grove Volunteering Development Advisor Susan says she was inspired to take part in the group skinny dip because Rennie Grove nurses cared for her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer and who gave “valuable support to me and my family at such a difficult time”.

Friends and family realised what a “big deal” it was for her to take part, and their pledges helped her raise £1700 – more than double her target.

Susan LewisShe took part alongside Rennie Grove volunteer Gillian Walker, and the pair linked hands with other participants as they took the plunge together.

“I would urge anyone thinking of taking part to put all your fears behind you – it all felt so natural. It was an emotional yet calm experience and brought us all together as a group.

“There were loads of us taking part and we were all very apprehensive, but once in the pool we all opened up about our feelings, what inspired us to do it and what we had all got from the experience. It makes you realise a lot about who you are on the inside and not just on the outside.”

You must be aged 18 or over to take part. The skinny dip starts at 10am and costs £10 to enter.  Visit www.renniegrove.org/baretocare or call 01442 890222 to sign up now.