06 December 2017

New Nissan for Nurses

Hospice at home nurses at Rennie Grove Hospice Care are delighted to have receivedNew Nissan for Nurses another brand new set of wheels in which to make their patient visits, thanks to VRS (Vehicle Rental Services).

The Beaconsfield-based company adopted Rennie Grove as their Charity of the Year in 2016 and have generously continued their support throughout 2017.  When the lease on the brand new Renault Captur they donated in the summer came to an end they handed over the keys to a brand-new Nissan Juke. 

VRS’ Managing Director Mark Brandom is a keen supporter of Rennie Grove after the charity’s nurses helped care for his Father.

VRS have an impressive track record when it comes to raising funds for Rennie Grove, including in recent years; the Moroccan 3 Peak Challenge in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge plus many other fundraising activities throughout the year.

Mark explained: “Rennie Grove Hospice Care is VRS’ nominated charity, it is a locally based charity providing vital services that make a positive difference to its patients and their families.  In addition to raising funds we are really pleased to be able to help Rennie Grove by providing a brand new car for use by the nurses who provide these important services. This latest car means that they will have another reliable vehicle, which is particularly important during the winter months when the conditions are more challenging.”

Gillian Barnett, Director of Fundraising at Rennie Grove Hospice said, “I would like to say a huge thank you to Mark and the team at VRS for once again providing Rennie Grove nurses with a dependable vehicle to get them to their patients’ homes.  It’s a lovely car and perfect for driving in town or in the country.” 

Rennie Grove operates a 24/7 responsive service, providing specialist care in patients’ homes at any time of the day or night, 365 days of the year.  Its team of hospice at home nurses cover nearly 500,000 miles each year to reach all the patients who need round-the-clock care and support.  Managing symptoms as soon as they occur is a crucial part of helping patients to remain at home and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.

“Having access to a brand new car also provides our nurses with peace of mind which is particularly important at this time of year,” adds Gillian.