Chris Langford

  • Hon. Treasurer

Chris is proprietor of a chartered accountancy practice. He was formerly CEO of a stockbroking settlement company and Finance Partner of a stockbroking partnership. He was on the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home Board from 1994-2000 and rejoined in 2003. He is currently Treasurer for Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Chris explains why he got involved as a Trustee:

“We nursed my mother-in-law at home for the last year of her life when she was dying of cancer. We had one daughter and my wife was pregnant. This was before there was an Iain Rennie Hospice at Home service and it was a very difficult time for us.

“I was asked to join as Treasurer and found an opportunity to assist the growth of a charity that would provide the support that we never had the benefit of but which we knew would be so valuable to so many local families.”