Our Vice Presidents

Our Vice Presidents are people who have made an extraordinary contribution to Rennie Grove Hospice Care - whether that was as a founding member of one of the two original charities or through a more recent connection. We are fortunate to be supported by several categories of Vice President.

Founding Vice Presidents

These are the people who helped to bring the founding charities to life. Read more about our history.

Dr Chris Alcock
Mrs Joan Barnard
Mr Chris & Dr Delia Burley
Mrs Patricia Burrows
Mrs Margaret Chitty
Dr Mary Groves
Mr John Hart (deceased)
The Right Reverend Michael Hill
Mrs Mary Kirk
Mrs Rita Morgan
Mr Eric Robson (deceased) & Mrs Mary Robson (deceased)
The Most Reverend and Right Honorable The Lord & Lady Runcie (deceased)
Mr Ralph Scott (deceased)
Mrs Margaret Seale
Mr Frank & Mrs Thelma Steer
Mrs Biddy Turner
Mr Alan & Mrs Daphne Vessey
Mrs Sally Williams

Lifetime Vice Presidents

Our Lifetime Vice Presidents are people we recognise as having made an exceptional contribution towards Rennie Grove Hospice Care or its founding charities.

Mr Brian Ayling
Prof André Balogh
Mr Edward & Mrs Wendy Cox
Mr Peter Cullimore
Sir Edward Dashwood Bt & Lady Lucinda
Mrs Maureen Flint
Sir Roy Gardner
Mr Graham & Mrs Jane Howe
Mr Andy Kane
Mr Robert & Mrs Christine Kennedy
Mr Christopher King
Mr Robert King
Mr Chris Langford
Mr Lawrence Levy
Mr Ian & Mrs Sarah McEnnis
Mr Alasdair McMillin
Mr Richard & Mrs Christine Nisbet
Miss Stephanie Thompson
Mr Derek & Mrs Janet Townsend
Mrs Sue Varvel

Vice Presidents

Rennie Grove Vice Presidents make a personal as well as a financial commitment on an annual basis. We are grateful for their ongoing support. Find out more about becoming a Vice President. 

Ms Doreen Beattie
Mr Nick Benwell
Ms Maddie Blackburn & Mr Paul Dennison
Mr Andrew Blakesley
Mr Roger & Mrs Margaret Carey
Mr Richard & Mrs Gina Coleman
Mr David Coles
Miss Wendy Craig
Mr Arthur Cunningham
Mr Stephen & Mrs Susan Cuthbert
Mrs Heather Ensor
Mr Peter & Mrs Jean Gell
Mr John Golledge
Mr John Groves
Sir Stuart & Lady Hampson
Mr David & Mrs Vickie King
Mr Peter & Mrs Mary Knee
Mrs Bridget Makinson
Ms Denise Marshall
Mrs Valerie O'Leary
Mr Keith & Mrs Judith Paterson
Mr Robin & Mrs Joanna Peppiatt
Mrs Elisabeth Pestell
Mr Charles & Mrs Elizabeth Pocock
Mrs Christine Podesta
Mr Craig Rennie
Mr James & Mrs Chloe Smillie
Mr John & Mrs Vicky Smiley
Professor Stephen & Dr Alison Spiro
Mr Christopher Talbot-Ponsonby
Mr Martin Treasure
Mr Allan & Mrs Annabel Westray