Getting started on your Forever Loved Fund

Creating your Forever Loved Fund is quite straightforward.

Simple steps to help you set up your Forever Loved Fund

Once you have decided to set up your tribute we’re here to help you every step of the way. There are just five easy steps to take before your everlasting tribute is ready to go.

What do I need to get started?

When you click on the link to create your Forever Loved Fund, you will be asked to complete some basic information about the person the tribute is for and to include your contact details. Aside from your contact details, the only essential information at this stage is the first name and surname of your loved one. There are also options to enter a place of birth, date of birth and date of death and you will also have the chance to upload a photo. However, all of these optional details can also be added at a later date if you prefer.

How do I start to set up a Forever Loved Fund?

Click the link below to set up your fund. You’ll be asked to complete the five short pages which will only take a few minutes and are very straightforward to follow. Once this is complete you will be sent a confirmation email with your username and password with a link to the tribute. You’ll be given a URL link for you to forward to anyone that you want to see your pages – either as a visitor or as a Guardian to help build and manage your Forever Loved Fund.

Click here to create a Forever Loved Fund

  • What is a Guardian?

    A Guardian is the person who sets up the Forever Loved Fund and who looks after and manages it. As the Guardian you can add, delete and amend everything whenever and how often suits you.

  • Is the Forever Loved Fund free?

    Yes, your Forever Loved Fund can be set up at no cost to yourself and will remain live on the website for as long as you wish. Once your pages are created, you can choose whether to add this to our beautiful Remembrance Garden.

  • Do I have a choice of designs?

    We have our own page design for supporters of Rennie Grove Hospice Care but there is a wide choice of other designs if you prefer something different. Once set up, you can change all aspects of your tribute in ‘Settings’ where you’ll have full control over the design and colour, words, privacy and contributions.

  • Is there a limit to how many photos or videos we can add?

    No, the Forever Loved Fund gives you the opportunity to upload as many photos or videos as you like. The first page displays your personalised message and slideshow and other photos, music and videos can be organised in your ‘Tribute Library Facility’.

  • How do I make changes to the Forever Loved Fund?

    Once set up, you will automatically see how the page looks and you’ll notice a ‘Tribute Guardian Panel’ in the bottom right hand corner of the preview screen. This panel shows you how the tribute is seen as a guest and also guides you through how to edit the pages you have created.

  • Online Help Button

    In addition, the help button takes you to a page with suggestions on how to create a unique tribute and personalise your message with stories, photos, music, candles or by keeping a journal or adding remembrance events and anniversaries.

  • Will everyone be able to see the Forever Loved Fund on the website?

    You can choose whether you would like the tribute to be public, so that anyone can see this on the website, or to be kept private, so that you can use the ‘invite’ facility and restrict access to just your friends or family. You can also keep an online diary to record your feelings and this area can be kept totally private if you wish, even to invited guests.

  • Can I use my Forever Loved Fund to raise money?

    Using your Forever Loved Fund you can also add an event or encourage others to add their own fundraising event, anything from a sponsored marathon to a coffee morning.

    There are a number of optional features for you to use if you wish:

    • Add a personal message to potential donors about your reasons for fundraising and choose how prominently you wish to highlight this
    • Set a fundraising target along with a total-o-meter to display your donations progress in real-time
    • Link In Memory Fundraising Events to your Tribute which you can also blog and promote via social networks
  • How do I add an event?

    Once you know what event you are taking part in or want to add then it’s a simple step to set up the event. There are options to have an additional link to a blog or share particular pages on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks.

  • How easy is it to donate online?

    It’s simple and safe. By clicking the ‘Donations’ button any online donation is made quickly and securely using CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) payment method. Donations will come directly through to Rennie Grove Hospice Care with Gift Aid if this has been added to the donation.

  • Can people donate money in other ways?

    If preferred, donations can also be made by cheque and posted to Rennie Grove at our address below. Offline donations can be added manually to your tribute total along with any funds collected on other third party websites such as Just Giving or Virgin Money.

  • How will my donations be displayed?

    All online donations received are added to your running total which is displayed on your website donation page. In addition, details of each individual donation made along with any message of support from the donor can be displayed as well, although there is also the option to keep any donation anonymous if either you or the donor prefer.

    As well as online donations collected through the website donation facility, you may also receive a number of other cash or cheque donations independently but still made in memory of your loved one. You can easily add these details onto your website as part of your In Memory fundraising total along with the option to display details and any associated message of support.

  • Who do I contact if I need some help with my Forever Loved Fund?

    For help with any general questions you may have when setting up your tribute, please contact us from Monday to Friday, between 9am – 5pm on the following contact details:
    Tel: 01442 890222 or, email at any time to:

    Rennie Grove Hospice Care
    Rennie House, Unit 3, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 4JX

    As we can access your pages we are able to help you with the set up and editing of pages or events.

Click here to create a Forever Loved Fund

Our Forever Loved Funds are hosted on the dedicated tribute website, Much Loved.

Complete this form if you would like a Forever Loved Fund Tribute set up on your behalf