Stephanie's story

Stephanie's Story

Stephanie from Princes Risborough has been donating to Light up a Life for nearly 10 years. She explains why she hasn’t missed a year since she starting supporting Rennie Grove in 2008.

“I’ve always felt strongly that it’s important for people to be cared for in their own home, if that’s where they want to be. 

“As a child I was in and out of hospital a great deal and that experience has really stuck with me.  Regardless of how good the care might have been, I just wanted to be at home. 

“The nurses from Rennie Grove make this possible.  Although I’m fortunate that no-one in our family has required their service, you never know who might need it in the future. Several friends sadly have needed hospice care and I’ve seen how much it meant to them to receive it in their own home. 

“Being able to support a local charity that gives people that choice is important to me.”

The great thing about Light up a Life, for Stephanie and hundreds of other people like her, is that there are other benefits beyond simply offering financial support to your favourite cause…

“Every year we give the dedication card to my mother-in-law, in memory of my father-in-law.  She’s 92 now and she loves receiving it.  I’ve attended some of the services too and they offer the same lovely sense that the people you care about are not forgotten.”