Beth and Elsie

Elsie's Story

‘Cancer has caused a lot of pain for me and my husband Gord, but the Rennie Grove nurses are always there to help.’

“It’s a shock when you’re told you’ve got cancer the second time around. You’re sitting there, trying to listen to what the doctor’s saying, trying to take it in, but you just can’t believe that it’s happened again.

So you have all the chemo, the radiation, the injections; I couldn’t eat or keep anything down and I lost over a stone. Your body’s had enough and everything’s just battling against each other.

Gord and I are from a generation that’s used to just getting on with things. But since my doctor arranged for the Rennie Grove nurses to come round to see us, they’ve just been brilliant. They explain things, ask if we’ve got any worries and whatnot. I wish I could walk, but the cancer is in my leg. So the pain is always an issue and they’ve been helping me to sort that out; they’re always here to help when it gets really bad.

It sounds simple, but even just a little chat helps. It’s so hard to find people who understand like them; their support goes such a long way for both of us.

Before I even got cancer, we gave Rennie Grove a regular gift each month. Because we know that it’s something genuine, and good. Now that we’ve met them, we know the support will go to where it should go. We hope you can help families who need them, too.”

Elsie, a Rennie Grove patient

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