Betty with Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Christmas Appeal 2017

Help us give patients the most precious gift of all – Christmas at home with their families

Andrea Lambert, Head of Children’s Services at Rennie Grove explains “Our nursing care is vital at all times of the year and at Christmas it becomes even more so. Christmas is a time for friends and family to be together. For many of our patients Christmas is a target to aim for and our nurses try hard to give them the chance to enjoy Christmas at home – perhaps for the last time.”

Support our Christmas Appeal and donate now (please quote Xmas gift in the ‘reason for donation’ box). You can also make a donation by calling 01442 89022. 

If you'd like a copy of the special Christmas wrapping paper made for this appeal, then please click here to download a PDF.

Betty’s Story

Rennie Grove nurses cared for Betty last year.  Betty’s daughter Sharon said “The nurses were soBetty with Suzanne wonderful; I could phone them any time of the day or night and they’d come – for myself as much as for her.  They always took a spell to sit with me, make sure I was all right.  All the nurses loved her- and she loved them.  Particularly Suzanne, with whom she formed a special bond”.

“I’ll never forget that Christmas; she’d bought herself two outrageous Christmas jumpers – black with strings of coloured pompoms which were meant to be lights. There she was on Christmas Day in her bed with her nails done, her lippy on and this amazing jumper.  She’s left us with a lovely memory on our last Christmas together. When we raise our glasses this year, we’ve got that memory to make us smile.”  Read Betty’s full story here.

Ella’s Story

Christmas is a time when we all think of the children in our lives.  Ella is a gorgeous little girl who is battling with her condition at the moment and being cared for by highly trained and experienced children’s nurses.  Natalie, Ella’s mum, talks about her special little girl:

“Ella has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1.  When she was born, everything seemed ok; but aroundElla in bath Christmas last year, we knew something wasn’t right; she wasn’t developing as she should be.

“There’s a specific protein which allows your spinal cord to read messages sent from the brain and pass them on to the muscles.  But Ella doesn’t have this protein.  These messages never get to Ella’s muscles and so they never get used and waste away. She’ll never be able to crawl or roll over or talk; she will lose the ability to swallow and eventually, to breathe.”

“But our little girl is amazing. She smiles all day, every day and so many things we were told she would never be able to do – she does. Last Christmas, we couldn’t imagine all that we’d be going through; now there’s so much uncertainty in our lives. But one vital wish for all of us is that Ella will still be here.” Read Ella’s full story here. 

The difference your donations will make

  • £25, which would pay for a member of our nursing team to spend an hour visiting an adult patient like Betty over the festive season
  • £75, enough to pay for a full three-hour visit to a young child like Ella over Christmas
  • £187.50, which could pay for a full nursing shift for a Hospice at Home nurse, enabling them to care for patients at home over the festive season

Support our Christmas Appeal and donate now (please quote Xmas gift in the ‘reason for donation’ box). You can also make a donation by calling 01442 89022. 

Thank you for your support and best wishes to you and your loved ones this festive season.

The costs above are based on average nursing costs. Actual nursing costs can vary depending on shift patterns and salary bands.