Clare's appeal

Clare’s appeal

This summer we are launching an appeal to help us recruit and train another newly qualified nurse like Clare.

“Many of our senior nurses – with decades of experience between them – are due to retire.  It’s crucial that we not only capture this knowledge by recruiting and mentoring new nurses but that we also future-proof our service by bringing them on board for the long haul.”    

- Judith Moore, Rennie Grove Head of Clinical Services, Herts

Clare Ghey is the first of her kind at Rennie Grove.

She’s a newly qualified nurse and part of a year-long training scheme, unique in this area, that we’re proud to have launched in response to the national shortage of nurses. It costs £29,600 to pay for a nurse like Clare which is why we are asking you for your support today. 

Support Clare’s appeal and donate now (please quote ‘Clare’s appeal in the ‘reason for donation’ box). You can also make a donation by calling 01442 890222.

“Newly qualified nurses like me are immensely proud to bring up-to-date learning and innovation to support patients and their families.”
Clare Ghey, newly qualified nurse and first-ever Rennie Grove ‘preceptee’

Clare visits patients alongside our experienced nurses.  As a qualified nurse she’s able to give pain relief injections and liaise with a patient’s GP to raise prescriptions.  She also supports patients and family members in the way all our nurses do: enabling them to talk through their worries, doubts and fears. Chris describes the difference Clare and her colleagues made to her and her husband, Ken.

“All Ken knew was that he didn’t want to be in hospital. But he was so poorly when he did get home that he couldn’t eat and he just stayed in bed.  I was so panicky.  For the first 48 hours I was ringing 111 and 999 on a regular basis – I had no-one else to turn to.”  Read Chris and Ken’s full story here.

The difference your donation will make

£19 could pay for an hour of nursing care from a newly qualified nurse on the Rennie Grove Preceptorship Programme.

£51 could fund a week’s petrol for a nurse like Clare when she starts to visit her own patients.

£120 would pay the annual fee for a newly qualified nurse to become a Member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Support Clare’s appeal and donate now (please quote ‘Clare’s appeal in the ‘reason for donation’ box). You can also make a donation by calling 01442 890222.

Any gift that you make will be greatly appreciated. We promise that every pound you donate will support the salary of another newly qualified nurse.

Thank you for everything you to do help us keep caring. New and experienced nurses working together is the perfect combination.  It means we can give patients the best possible care – now and in the future.