Caring Gift Vouchers

What is a Caring Gift Voucher?

When you buy a Caring Gift voucher you make a donation that shows someone you are thinking of them as well as making a difference to our patients by supporting their care.

Simply choose your gift from the selection below and we’ll send you a Caring Gift voucher and ‘thank you’ card (you won’t receive the actual gift of course). You can then personalise your card and send it to the recipient of your choice so that they can learn how the gift you purchased on their behalf has helped fund Rennie Grove Hospice Care services. Alternatively, you can request an e-voucher to be emailed to you or directly to your chosen recipient.

Our Caring Gifts are examples of how your money will be spent. Please be assured that your donation will go to where the need is greatest; helping to provide specialist nursing care and support to patients and families in West Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  

All of our Caring Gift vouchers can be bought in our 28 shops in 2019.

Choose your Caring Gift:

RG Gift Vouchers 2019 Comfort
The Gift of Comfort
Providing continuous medication using a syringe pump gives a patient constant pain relief so they can stay at home during their final days. This donation would buy two boxes of needles for a syringe pump.

Caring Gift Voucher Support

The Gift of Support
Our healthcare assistants are the eyes and ears of our nurses. Buying this gift would fund an hour’s visit from one of our specially trained Health Care Assistants to help a patient live independently at home.£12.50

RG Gift Vouchers 2019 Diagnosis
The Gift of Diagnosis 
Patients living with a life-limiting condition require regular health checks and observations. Using essential equipment our nurses can identify and treat changes to a patient's symptoms as soon as they appear. This donation would fund a blood pressure monitor and cuff.

RG Gift Vouchers 2019 Therapy
The Gift of ​Therapy

This gift would fund an hour’s complimentary therapy at home or at Grove House for a patient coping with the daily challenges of living with illness.

RG Gift Vouchers 2019 Care

The Gift of Care
This is a special gift that will make a real difference to patients and families facing cancer or life-limiting illness. Buying this gift would fund an hour’s visit from one of our nurses to a patient's home. 

Voucher 2019 Detection
The Gift of Detection
This special gift will make a real difference to patients and families facing cancer or another life-limiting illness. Purchasing this gift will fund an ear thermometer and 100 disposable caps, a vital piece of equipment that helps our nurses identify the risk of infection. £30

RG GV Compassion Without Dear
The Gift of Compassion 
It is particularly important on a first visit to a new hospice at home patient to spend enough time to understand their needs and wishes and draw up a personalised care plan.  This donation would fund a two hour first assessment by a specialist palliative care nurse.

RG Gift Vouchers 2019 Memories
The Gift of Special Memories
Creating a memory jar can make a real difference to a child or young adult coping with bereavement. This donation would fund a two hour family support session for a bereaved child. £55

Power voucher 2019
The Gift of Power
A syringe pump provides constant pain relief to patients so that they can stay as pain-free as possible at home with their loved ones during their final days. This donation would pay for enough batteries to power a syringe pump for ten months. £100

Gift Peace of Mind
The Gift of Peace of Mind
This special gift would fund our night team for three hours, giving patients and their carers peace of mind at any time of the night when they need medical and emotional support. £150.

How to order a Caring Gift Voucher

ONLINE: simply go to our donation page to make a payment and quote the name of your chosen Caring Gift (as below) in the 'Reason for Donation' box. If you would like to receive your Caring Gift by email please follow your gift code with the word 'E-VOUCHER' and the email address that you would like us to send it to:

  • The Gift of Comfort
  • The Gift of Support
  • The Gift of Diagnosis
  • The Gift of Therapy
  • The Gift of Care
  • The Gift of Detection
  • The Gift of Compassion
  • The Gift of Special Memories
  • The Gift of Power
  • The Gift of Peace of Mind

You will receive an automated email to confirm receipt of your donation. We will then post your Caring Gift Voucher to you or send it via email if you have instructed us to do so.

BY POST: Send a cheque made out to Rennie Grove Hospice Care for the required amount (with your name, address and Caring Gift of your choice on the back) to the address below. We will then post your voucher to you.

Caring Gift Voucher, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Rennie House, Unit 3, Icknield Way Industrial Estate, Tring, Herts, HP23 4JX

(N.B. There is no additional postage charge for a Caring Gift)