​How we care for you

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is a charity dedicated to providing care and support for adults and children diagnosed with cancer or other life-limiting illness and their families.

Every year we provide care and support for thousands of patients and families through our unique 24/7 Hospice at Home Service for adults, our Children's Hospice at Home Service, our Family Support services and a range of Day Services at Grove House.

We offer end of life care to patients and support to their families in a wide catchment area that covers parts of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  To see a map of this area and the services available to patients who live in our Herts and Bucks areas, please see where we provide care. Our catchment area for children varies slightly from our adult area.  If you need further information please contact us using the details below.  Find out more about how we care for children.

Our care ethos

Our care for you is all about valuing life and is centred around the belief that we all matter until the last moment of our lives.

Specialist support tailored to you and your family

Whether you come to our Information Centre or Drop-In Session at Grove House soon after diagnosis or to our Hospice at Home service later in ​your illness, our team of highly trained specialist staff will give you advice and support tailored to​ your needs.  

The needs and wishes of​ you and your family are at the centre of everything we do.  When we first meet ​you, we will listen to ​your wishes and spend time getting to know ​you and your family, if this is what ​you want. We carry out a full assessment of ​your physical, emotional and spiritual needs and encourage ​you to be fully involved in making choices about every aspect of​ your care.  

An individual care and support programme is then put together to meet ​your needs. This may include access to day services at Grove House or those provided by other partner organisations, and the use of our range of services which are delivered in your home.   

This programme is reviewed regularly with levels of support increasing or decreasing as and when necessary. In some cases ​you may be discharged if ​your condition improves sufficiently. Throughout, we encourage self-management and give ​you and your family coping strategies to help you live life to the full.

The choice to stay at home

Many patients tell us that being able to stay at home with their families right to the end is so important to ​them.  All of our services aim to support you to achieve this and our 24/7 responsive hospice at home service gives you and your family the peace of mind that you can be fully supported at home whenever you need it, night or day.  Should your symptoms suddenly worsen at any time, even at night, we can visit and make you comfortable, keeping you out of hospital and at home with your family.

Find out more about our Hospice at Home service.

Day Services at Grove House

If you live in Herts, the range of Day Services provided at Grove House offers​ you more specific support in the form of clinics, therapies, support groups and Day Hospice sessions. Right from the point at which ​you are diagnosed, you can use our Drop-In session to find out what support is available or just to talk to someone who understands what ​you are going through.   See a daily programme of our services at Grove House. 

Support for all the family

Offering support services for family members and carers closely involved with ​you is a vital part of our service.  Whether it is advice or reassurance, social support groups or counselling, ensuring that family members and carers receive the support they need is essential if ​you are to be able to stay at home.   Read more about our Family Support services.

How we fund our care

All our care is provided at no cost to you or your family.  However, we are heavily reliant on the generosity of the local community to fund around 85% of our running costs.  With the numbers of people expected to need our care in the coming years set to rise steeply, this on-going local support ​will be vital ​to help us continue to care into the future. ​

Please help us spread the word and encourage others to support us.