hospice at home

Hospice at Home

​Rennie Grove's Hospice at Home service is unique in the local area and offers you specialist care at home through a combination of planned and responsive visits by our teams of nurses and healthcare assistants. We offer practical nursing care and advice 24 hours a day to help you control your symptoms and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, keeping you at home with your loved ones.

Who can use this service?

This service is available for any patient with a life-limiting diagnosis requiring specialist palliative care services towards the end of his or her life. End-of-life, in line with the national standards, is defined as being within the last year of life.

How do I get referred?

You can contact your GP or other healthcare professional and request a referral to our Hospice at Home service.You can also call the office for advice about being referred but we will require your GP’s consent.

What will happen after referral?

  • A member of the team will gather information about your condition and treatment from other relevant healthcare professionals.
  • One of our specially-trained nurses will then contact you to find out more about your situation and needs and a visit may be arranged to talk to you and your family about your care.
  • Our nurses will always respect your wishes and concerns and support you to put things in place so that you can maintain independence and quality of life as far as possible.

Our nurses will:

  • Agree a series of planned visits to you at home.
  • Respond to your calls and when necessary visit you at home, no matter what time of day or night, should you need help to bring your symptoms under control and make you comfortable.
  • Administer your medication, monitor the effects and recommend adjustments as necessary.
  • Provide hands-on nursing care as needed.
  • Help co-ordinate your care by liaising with other professionals involved in looking after you.
  • Talk to you about how you wish to be cared for and record these wishes to ensure they are respected.
  • Offer advice on general health and well-being.

Our Healthcare Assistants may also visit you and can:

  • Offer help with personal care.
  • Advise your family members on how to help care for you.
  • Sit with you for a period of time while your carer or family member goes out of the house.

When can I contact Hospice at Home?

You can call our Hospice at Home team at any time of the day or night once you become one of our patients.

What does it cost?

Like all Rennie Grove services, Hospice at Home care is provided at no cost to patients or their families. As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of the local community to fund around 87% of our annual running costs, allowing us to care for thousands of patients and families every year.

If you would like to make a donation to support our work, please go to renniegrove.org/donate