Justine's story

Justine underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2013. Receiving her diagnosis in December was obviously a highly emotional time but in addition to following the programme of treatment recommended by her doctors, Justine decided to research other things she could do to help her get the best possible outcome from the treatment.

“I decided to take a holistic approach to my health and in addition to changing my diet, I wanted to do more exercise, particularly if it allowed for some mindfulness, relaxation and meditation. I wasn’t sure where to go to find this though,” said Justine. “It didn’t seem quite right to walk into a sports centre so after spotting on the Rennie Grove website that there was a Drop-in session at Grove House and with encouragement from a friend who had also used the services there, I went along to a Tuesday morning Drop-in session for some advice.

“The Drop-in session was great. I was greeted warmly with a cup of tea and a biscuit and I then had a chat with Joan who talked to me about the sort of support services available to me. She also talked about the new Tai Chi sessions that have recently been launched on a Tuesday afternoon and suggested that I give them a try. So I did just that!

“I have to say that Tai Chi was just what I was looking for. Grove House seemed a much more suitable setting and the sessions are really enjoyable. They are very relaxing and it’s good to be learning something new and getting my body moving in a gentle and purposeful way. I’ve also enjoyed meeting other people there. It all helps you feel less alone and lifts your spirits.”

Justine was lucky to have encouragement from a friend who had used the services at Grove House when she also had been diagnosed with cancer to seek support at an early point and now Justine would like to encourage others in the same way:

“Don’t be afraid to go and talk to the people at Grove House when you’re fit and able. I had no symptoms at all from my cancer, it was picked up at routine screening. But you need everything possible on your side when you are fighting cancer and it’s never too soon to put support in place. My friend doesn’t use Grove House now because she doesn’t need to. She got the support she needed and is now busy living her life. I find it immensely reassuring that whether it is clinical support, therapies, exercise or social groups or even financial or legal advice or help to keep you working, it’s all there if I need it. Research shows that people who have support live better and longer so why would you wait?”

The Grove House Drop-in Session takes place every Tuesday morning between 9am and 1pm and is open to everyone whether you are a patient, carer, friend, volunteer or fundraiser.

April 2014