Simi's story

“‘Nanna’ was my husband’s grandmother.  I knew her for over nine years and as a family we were all very close.  Nanna always treated me the same as she did her other grandchildren and she was very precious to all of us.

“She had been ill for a long time, suffering from a number of life-limiting illnesses.  Even though we knew the inevitable outcome, we somehow always believed that she would never leave us.  In some ways she never has – I like to think that she is still watching over us from heaven – but I’ll always remember the sad parting when she passed away.  

“When Nanna first got poorly, we were offered the help and support of the nurses from Rennie Grove Hospice Care.  Like many people, when we heard the word ‘hospice’ we thought Nanna’s death was imminent: that these were her final days.  But in fact, she was able to stay at home, surrounded by family and free of pain, for a further few weeks thanks to the Rennie Grove nurses.

“To be honest, I personally had never even heard of Rennie Grove until I read the leaflet they left at Nanna’s house. I met several of the charity’s exceptional nurses, who came to see Nanna as often as she needed.  Not only did they make her comfortable and manage her symptoms, but they were also there to support the rest of the family too.

“Rennie Grove nurses are very knowledgeable healthcare professionals with very caring hearts.  They would advise us on the phone at any point of the day or night with such soothing and comforting voices.  Just by knowing they were literally at the end of the phone line, we all felt so much more at ease, despite experiencing all sorts of sad emotions.

“Towards the end they would come to see Nanna - all of us in fact, as we all stayed with Nanna at her house for the last few days – on a daily basis.

“When the saddest moment arrived, we called Rennie Grove and the nurses came.  They had been with another patient but they came straight to us as soon as they could.  They were so gentle, caring, kind and full of wonderful comforting words that made the departing of our beloved Nanna that little bit easier.

“Grandad, Nanna’s husband, decided to donate all the money people would otherwise have spent on funeral flowers to Rennie Grove. My husband and I will be organising an event to raise more money for the charity, along with encouraging others to support such a wonderful service. Only by spreading the word will people be aware of these nurses who offer the most amazing care I could ever think of.

“My family and I will be forever grateful to the angels who were there when we needed them the most.”