Corporate Patron Programme

Your company can make a difference on your doorstep for as little as £20 a month

The Corporate Patron Programme is Rennie Grove’s business network. We bring together local business whilst supporting local adults and children with terminal illness in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, giving them the choice to stay at home with their loved ones right until the end of their life.

“Sherrards is pleased to continue to support Rennie Grove in caring for those people in our community when they need it most. The Corporate Patron Programme is an easy and effective way of sustaining the Charity with the ever increasing demand for its servicesAlasdair Mcmilin, Managing Partner, Sherrards Solicitors

Become a Corporate Patron to…

  • Meet your own Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Join our Corporate Network with regular free social meet ups that can improve your outreach and boost your business
  • Work with our team to generate positive publicity and PR for your business
  • Support a inspiring local charity at the hearts of your community

 Meet our exisiting Corporate Patrons 

There are five levels of membership available with a range of benefits. View the benefits here 

SILVER PATRON: £50 per month

Every month your donation could fund a first assessment visit to a new hospice at home patient. Helping our nurses understand their needs and wishes and draw up their personal care plan

GOLD PATRON: £100 per month

After one years partnership your donation could buy a new syringe pump. A vital piece of medical equipment used by our nurses to help make our hospice at home patient’s final days of life more comfortable.

PLATINUM PATRON: £200-£499 per month         

£200 will fund a specialist palliative care nurse for a full shift either in our hospice at home team or our day hospice. £300 could fund six one-to-one counselling sessions.

DIAMOND PATRON: £500 + per month

£500 will fund our entire night team for one whole night meaning our patients and their carers can receive a visit from one of our nurses 24 hrs a day. This prevents costly and distressing hospital admissions and provides huge reassurance for patients and families.

Download the application form to join our business network