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The changing needs of our local community

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Since Grove House was built 26 years ago, the number of people needing our support and the type of services they need have changed considerably and are continuing to change.  Reconfiguring Grove House to provide more usable and flexible spaces is essential if we are to meet these changing needs.

Increasing numbers in Hertfordshire

Increasing numbers in Hertfordshire
With 1% of those over 65 being in the last year of life that is a potential 4,100 people who will need our care by 2025. Children and younger adults as well as those on a curative pathway will increase this number further.

In 2018-19 we supported 856 people despite the limited capacity that we have at Grove House but it is clear to see that changes will be needed if we are to support the number of people needing our care in five years’ time. 

Changing needs

In the last four years the number of people living with three or more long term conditions has increased by two thirds and there are now at least 15 million people in the UK living with a chronic condition [1]. This means that their needs can be different and more complex if they are also diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Coupled with this, in Hertfordshire 30% of over 65 year olds are living alone [2] and often experience social isolation, and may require different support if they have been bereaved or have a life-limiting illness. 

The wider healthcare picture

The unprecedented pressures on the NHS are widely known and this has led to an increasing emphasis on community services such as those provided by Rennie Grove.

The Hertfordshire Public Health Strategy 2017-21 identifies the following:

  • Supporting people to stay safe and well at home may reduce the number of hospital admissions. [3]
  • Support carers to understand their own health and wellbeing needs and to use the services available to them. [4]

In addition West Herts CCG has recently confirmed that St Albans Hospital will become a planned surgical facility with a cancer and surgical centre.  This positions Rennie Grove well to offer support to cancer patients as Grove House is on the same site as the hospital and its services will be complementary.

The planned refurbishment of Grove House will allow us to support these county wide objectives and other changing needs to ensure we are there to support the local community.

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