What Our Volunteers Say

Kathy's Story

Our dedicated volunteer drivers bring patients to day hospice, doctors’ appointments, drop-in sessions and complementary therapy treatments and are a crucial part of the service offered to local patients with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses.

Kath Broome, who lives in St Albans, has been a volunteer for several years.  She explains why she enjoys it so much.

“I was made redundant in 2008 and spent that year and the next with my mum, who was becoming increasingly infirm.  After she died in 2009, I thought I’d like to do something but I was apprehensive about how to go about it and it took me some time before I took the plunge.  I always bought Christmas Cards from one of the Rennie Grove shops but decided to go into Grove House and whilst there ask about Volunteering”. 

Kath’s apprehension was unfounded and she has never looked back since signing up as a volunteer driver.  “I love talking to the patients and I look forward to meeting the other drivers for a cuppa after drop-off and when we return to take patients back home.  There’s a real family feel amongst the team and Grove House is such a friendly, happy, lively place.  I’m so, so pleased I found the courage to strike up that conversation. Being made redundant wasn’t so bad after all!  I’ve built a new life around my volunteering and now I’m disappointed on the few weeks of the year when there aren’t any patients who need a lift!” she said. 

Kath was in her 60s when she began volunteering for Rennie Grove. She started off as a patient escort: someone who travels with patients in the mini bus to check they are comfortable.  Now she drives her own car or the mini bus, depending on the needs of the patients she’s assisting. 

We are looking for more people who have their own car and who enjoy driving and are able to devote a few hours each week to help.  Call 01442 890222 or email volunteer@renniegrove.org for more details.