What Our Volunteers Say

Liz Warren's Story

Liz Warren has been a volunteer receptionist at Grove House since July 2016 and this is one of several voluntary roles that Liz has carried out for Rennie Grove and other charities in Hertfordshire where she has used her nursing skills. 

Liz’s personal involvement with Rennie Grove began when her husband David passed away in 2014. David was supported by the Hospice at Home team who visited every day and as needed, and were able to help him immensely. David passed away at home, as per his and Liz’s wishes, and thanks to the Hospice at Home team was able to have a ‘good death’. The help and comfort provided by the team was invaluable to Liz and her family at this time. 

Speaking about volunteering at Rennie Grove Liz said, “I highly recommend it.  Grove House is a lovely place with friendly staff. Rennie Grove is unique in many ways and a rewarding charity to volunteer with.  The social aspect of the Day Hospice is very important and this is demonstrated by patients who are keen to attend even when they are feeling unwell.” 

Liz finds the range and variety of volunteers’ backgrounds very interesting.  “I am a retired nurse, others bring skills like reception work or accountancy.  Others are here because they have lost loved ones and want to give something back.  I have set aside my nursing background where I helped people medically and now I focus on helping people socially.”  She is keen that every visitor is greeted with a smile and a friendly face to make them feel comfortable as they arrive 

Summing up Liz says that while working with people who are ill can be upsetting it is also very rewarding. People’s perception of working in a hospice charity is like is very different from the reality. “It isn’t at all difficult or depressing, but can be fun and its definitely rewarding. The social aspect of meeting folk, other volunteers, staff and patients is good too.”