What Our Volunteers Say

Pauline's Story

Pauline wanted to do something completely different when she retired as Her Majesty’s Inspector from Ofsted and her two volunteer roles at Rennie Grove Hospice Care have provided her with the opportunity to utilise existing skills and learn new ones. 

Pauline also wanted to volunteer with a hospice charity after experiencing the type of care her brother-in-law received before he passed away from cancer. 

As well as being part of the team in the Southdown shop, Pauline volunteers at Grove House. Her varied role includes ordering information booklets, taking calls from patients and directing them to the relevant service.  At the regular Tuesday morning Drop-In sessions, she welcomes patients and carers, listens to them and provides confidential support. 

Pauline said “Being a volunteer provides me with a sense of duty and responsibility but in a more relaxed way than being an employed member of staff.  I believe that even if the difference I make to someone’s life is small, it is a still a difference and therefore worthwhile,” she added. 

Rennie Grove has such a wide range of volunteer opportunities available that there is something for everyone.  And according to Pauline the key qualities needed by a volunteer are flexibility, wanting to be useful, listening to people and enjoying their company.