Don't Leave Me Now - Tring

dying mattersTo highlight 'Dying Matters' week, please join us on Thursday 12 May 2016 at 6.00pm for the acclaimed playwright by Brian Daniels DON'T LEAVE ME NOW. The dramatised play reading will explore the impact of early onset dementia and family life. The play was inspired by two Yorkshire true stories, 'Where does love end and duty begin?' and 'or does it?'

Barbara Stephens, Chief Executive Dementia Pathfinder will lead a post show discussion along with Dr. Jo Withers, GP, Wendover Health Centre and Chair of Finity, a voluntary community association which supports people in discussing end of life issues.

Entrance is free. To secure a seat, please email

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    The Court Theatre, Station Road, Pendley, Tring

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    HP23 5QY