High Grade Brain Tumours - Diagnosis, Treatment & Planning Care

Healthcare Professionals are invited to this insightful discussion on Wednesday 03 July 2019 from 12.30-2pm at Grove House in St Albans. 

The intended aims of the talk are as follows:      

  • Increase knowledge of brain tumour types, prognosis and treatment options.
  • Develop an understanding of rehabilitation care pathways / services available for those diagnosed with a high-grade brain tumour, in the context of total patient care and management.
  • Introduce the current literature / evidence-based research relating to rehabilitative palliative care for those living with a brain tumour.
  • Demonstrate the range of resources available to clinicians working with individuals diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • Explore how information can be shared to benefit patient care



Alison Kelly & Lesley Sayliss

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

Macmillan Brain Cancer Rehabilitation Team (BrainCaRe)

To book your place please email education@renniegrove.org


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